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Knowing there is much competition in the online gaming industry can make it difficult for any player to choose which online casino to play in. So much so that some players who are not that good with computers may find it hard to distinguish between online casinos which offer specific types of games which need to be downloaded. Luckily enough All Irish Casino does not require any downloads in order to access our games which make it simple and easy to access.

Having to download certain games in order to play on some online gambling sites may cause an inconvenience to any player, especially he/she does not have an outdates PC or whose computer has a limited amount of memory at their disposal. The research for these factors to cause problems is because in order to download games that have to be automatically stored in the computer’s memory until they are uninstalled.

Research has proven that most players prefer online casinos where their games require no downloading. This is so as players realise no download games cause less risk in minimizing their computer’s memory which in turn would slow their computer down. Also without downloading games it could help lessen the hassle a player would go thorough if he/she wishes to play multiple games; the download time for many games could take some time and use up a computer’s memory. Therefore you are in luck as not all casinos offer only downloadable games and All Irish Casino is one of them.

All Irish Casino is a No Download casino meaning that none of the games you wish to play as a player requires you to download them so as to be played. Therefore none of the games will ever use up any of your computer’s memory and does not leave any trails or imprints of the games you would be playing on a computer as they use a streaming process. The only software needed in order to play our games and which is generally needed on a player’s computer software system, is Java and Flash. These software systems are standard software needed to view anything relating to video playing and most computers usually come with this software already installed in them.

Should your computer for some reason not have access to this software and they have not already been installed, then you can easily obtain them by downloading them only once from www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer for Flash software and you can download Java from www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp. This process needs only be done once, and as mentioned earlier it software which is needed to stream any type of videos or animation whether movies or games in general. Once this software is obtained (unless the computer already has them) then all you would need to do is enter the All Irish Casino website and begin to play as many games as you like. These games will stream and load up automatically once you have clicked on the games you prefer. You do not need to register in order to try out these games as they can still be accessed and played for virtual money.

Although our games do not need to be installed, the quality, animation and sound effects of each and every game varies for each game and each and every one of them is superb in their own right. They each provide the most fun and entertaining experience for anyone from the age of 18 years and up in the online gaming industry. These games are simple, easy and fun to follow and with a click of a button you can set the ball rolling.

As an online casino fully dedicated to residents from the Republic of Ireland, All Irish Online Casino Games and our All Irish Casino Slots together with our All Irish online Casino Bonus, provide visual and virtually entertaining games which are all provided by Netent entertainment software. These games include high-end graphics, animation and sound effects supported by Java and Flash which enables them to be played from any given computer. Our All Irish Live Casino also does not need to be downloaded as it is provided on a streaming basis broadcasted live from the Portomaso Casino in Malta and is therefore also supported by Flash and Java. Being that All Irish Casino has a ‘no download’ process means that it does not require you to solely access its games from a particular computer. It means that you may access your account or our games from any computer any time of the day and anywhere in the world. As long as you remember your username and password it is simple to access.

Therefore it is important to note that the best part about all this is the fact that All Irish Online Casino games can be played instantly and may be accessed from all internet browsers whether Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
If you haven’t already registered and wish to register with All Irish Casino as soon as possible, they you do not need to download anything from our website. The registration process is simple. All you would need to do is simply click on the register option on our website. A new screen will open up requiring you to enter your personal details such as name, address, telephone number and very important email address. This form is linked straight away with our website but stored in our servers and not left on our website. Once all the information has been entered it is then stored safely in the servers that we mentioned and may only be accessed through a back office software system where only our All Irish Customer Support Service Staff have access and may only access this information as a form of reference. None of the sensitive information can be tampered with or manipulated.

So what are you waiting for? Why not play in All Irish Online Casino today?